South Africa: Fair Trade Tourism

Around 2000, the South African NGO Fair Trade Tourism (FTT) started to put in place a fair certification programme for tourism products. The standard includes fair remuneration, decent working conditions, a fair sharing of revenue and respect for cultural traditions and the environment. Special attention is paid to the South African context, with training of black workers, co-management by black people and awareness-raising on HIV and AIDS. Two decades later, more than 79 initiatives such as hotels, lodges or adventure activities have been certified.

In 2013, the TDC financed a study into the opportunities for FTT-certified travel on the European market. Tour operators may call a travel product FTT-approved if at least 50% of overnight stays or activities is FTT-certified. In 2017, 38 South African and 21 European tour operators offered FTT-labelled holidays. This includes Zuid-Afrikareizen from Brecht which the TDC put in touch with FTT and which since has become the first Belgian FTT-certified tour operator with two fair trade holidays in its offer.

The TDC further supports FTT in its strategy to increase the number of certified tourism products in South Africa and to expand to the whole southern African region.