Sustainable tourism operations in Ecuador and Peru

Market research on improving connectivity of sustainable tourism operations in Ecuador and Peru to the European marketplace 

The purpose of this study is to support tourism companies in Peru and Ecuador, especially those with a focus on sustainable tourism, on how to access the European market. While the content of the study is geared towards the conditions in Peru and Ecuador, readers from other Latin American countries may also find the information useful.

The coverage of the European market includes the countries Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain. The study includes a look at players such as tour operators (including databases) or trade associations, examines market access mechanisms (both with regard to the destination - Peru and Ecuador, as well as with regard to the mentioned source markets) and describes a wide range of approaches and tools to improve market access to the European market.  

You will find below the download link to the Executive Summary, the Full Report and the Infographic highlighting some results in a visual way.