Study: potential of Vietnamese Fairtrade cashew nuts on the world market

This study investigates whether and how Vietnamese Fairtrade cashew nuts can conquer a solid position in the world market. The study was carried out by Globally Cool on behalf of the TDC.

In 2016, globally, 439,000 tons of cashew nuts were exported. 14,000 tons, or 3% of the total, was Fairtrade certified. The US imported 55% of Fairtrade cashew nuts, outdoing the Netherlands (23%) and Germany (7%).

Vietnam is the third biggest producer of cashew nuts and the number 1 exporter. The potential for developing the country’s Fairtrade cashew supply chain is huge, but there are many challenges too. The study has eight specific recommendations in order to help them reaching their full potential.


  • How fair is global cashew nut trade

  • Cashews: be healthy, be fair