Marketing in the Moroccan saffron and dates value chains

In the south of Morocco a project in the saffron and dates value chains is in its third year. It is the first BTC project in which the Trade for Development Centre (TDC) has been involved from its formulation because of its marketing expertise with producer groups in the South. 

Both saffron and dates are primarily sold on the informal market at local souks. Farmers are paid low prices and families are often so short of cash that they welcome the little money they can get. This is what a marketing team have worked on – step by step – over the past three years.

Today, the producers have a better understanding of the market and the competitive environment in which they operate and have decided which customers they want to target in the future and which standards their products need to meet to fulfil these customers’ demands. But there is still a long way to go. Over the next few years investments are needed to implement the marketing mix, but also to professionalise the EIG entities.