People approach in the TDC coaching sessions

In Côte d'Ivoire, a lot of cocoa cooperatives aim to sell as much of their members’ cocoa as possible at the best conditions possible. But doing so is far from evident. Enthusiasm is never lacking, but business skills are. That is why TDC offers marketing coaching since several years. Eight Côte d’Ivoire cocoa cooperatives currently receive support of TDC coaches. We were given a glimpse of what they do.

Bean to bar

More and more chocolatiers travel around the world to personally select top-range cocoa beans with exquisite flavours in the South. They resolutely target quality rather than mass production. Their work mostly results in a good relationship with cocoa growers and fair pay for the growers’ tough labour. Discover this bean-to-bar movement here! 

Coaching producers' groups in business management

Since several years TDC has been coaching cooperatives active in fair or sustainable trade to better market their products. Very often it was confronted with the producers’ poor knowledge of how to manage their organisation. This led to the development of a new part of coaching in business management. Read TDC's first experiences in Uganda, Rwanda and Benin.