5 winners for 6th edition of the Be Fair and Be Sustainable Awards!

On 4 October, to launch the 10th edition of the Fair Trade Week, the Trade for Development Centre awarded the best fair and sustainable trade initiatives in developing countries.
This year is an exceptional year because 5 winners were awarded the Be Fair en Be Sustainable Awards.
Oxfam-Wereldwinkels for its quality coffee from the Kivu region in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Fair in Trade for its palm kernel oil from Senegal
CO2logic for its custom-made approach to reducing CO2 emissions
Bombolulu for its Kenyan crafts made by people with disabilities
Tintsaba for its innovative production model for Swaziland women

Each of the winners won 5,000 euros and may use the Be Fair or Be Sustainable logo in their business communication.


The winners

Oxfam-Wereldwinkels wins the Be Fair Award awarded to a Belgian enterprise
Oxfam-Wereldwinkels is a democratic movement of volunteers that advocate fairer global trade. It is the main fair trade organisation in Belgium. Its 215 world shops ‘Wereldwinkels’ sell fair trade products in Flanders and Brussels. Since September 2011, these Wereldwinkels sell coffee from South-Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo. www.oxfamwereldwinkels.be

Jury’s comments: “A sound player in the fair trade business takes on the challenge of introducing a coffee from South Kivu on the Belgian market. Kivu is often in the news because of its conflicts. Oxfam wants to show a different face of this troubled region: high-quality coffee, dynamic producers and a high development impact.” 



Fair in Trade is also awarded a Be Fair Award, which this years is exceptionally awarded to a second Belgian enterprise
This young company sells palm kernel oil from Senegal. It is organic and fair-trade certified by Ecocert. It sells this product in its pure form or as a fully biodegradable detergent under the brand name ‘Rhytmic Power’. www.rhytmic.be

Jury’s comments: “The jury wanted to award an encouragement prize to a very young and very ambitious company. Palm kernels, which were until recently considered waste, now have a value on the market and that is a good thing for the women gathering them and their community.”

Bombolulu wins the “South-South” Be Fair Award
Since 40 years the Bombolulu workshops have given learning and employment opportunities to people with special abilities from disadvantaged families from all over Kenya.  The project has trained more than 500 people in the arts of knitting, jewellery, leatherwork and woodwork. www.apdkbombolulu.org

Jury’s comments: “The jury wanted to reward Bombolulu for the social work it has done for 40 years, for its significant impact on the local community and for the fact that the organisation uses the East African Community to promote its fair trade products in neighbouring countries.”



Tintsaba wins the “for Her” Be Fair Award (the prize rewarding an organisation of producers that mainly consists of women)
The women of Tintsaba have made themselves a reputation as master weavers in sisal thanks to their products’ excellent quality and design. The women of the cooperative are trained to weave sisal and make jewellery. They also train other women in the region. Tintsaba provides many social services: a literacy programme, a mobile homeopathic clinic and water supply projects. www.tintsaba.com

Jury’s comments: “The jury wanted to reward Tintsaba for its holistic approach, which includes business and social support. Thanks to its innovative production model, which generates high-quality products, Tintsaba is a source of inspiration for other entrepreneurs. The social programmes that the organisation has set up have also impacted other rural parts of Swaziland.”



CO2logic wins the Be Sustainable Award for a Belgian enterprise
Since 2006 CO2logic raises awareness among individuals and companies about their impact on global warming. It encourages them to reduce and compensate their CO2 emissions. Until now, the company has compensated about 100,000 tons of CO2. www.co2logic.com

Jury’s comments: “The jury rewards CO2Logic for its pioneering role in developing a service that fights global warming. CO2logic helps its clients to calculate their CO2 emissions, to reduce them and to compensate them by financing environmental protection projects in the South.”

A professional jury

The laureates were chosen by a jury of professionals from the business world, of development experts as well as “economy” journalists.

For the Awards for Belgian enterprises, the jury consisted of Geert Vancronenburg (macro-economy advisor for VBO/FEB), Christian Rousseau (head of Social Responsibility for Test-Achats), Gie Goris (Editor-in-chief of MO* magazine), Pierre Loppe (Editor-in-chief of la Libre Entreprise), Roeland Byl (journalist for Trends), Ewald Pironet (Assistant Editor-in-chief of KNACK), Samuel Poos (Coordinator of the Trade for Development Centre).

For the awards for organisations in the South, the jury consisted of Lawrence Watson (independent consultant), Alain Laigneaux (agriculture and social economy expert of BTC), Jean-Marie Roth (expert in SME development in Africa), Samuel Poos (coordinator of the Trade for Development Centre), Steven De Craen (Fair and Sustainable Trade officer for the Trade for Development Centre). For the “For her” Be Fair Award also Saskia Ravesloot (gender expert of BTC) was involved.
Josiane Droeghag (International Trade officer at the Trade for Development Centre) and Inès Chadi (intern at the Trade for Development Centre) also were involved for the South-South Be Fair Award.