Tighanimine scoops the Prix des Femmes Marjolaine

Moroccan fair trade cooperative scoops the Prix des Femmes Marjolaine

On the 4th of October 2016, Cooperative Tighanimine was awarded the French prize for international solidarity known as Prix des Femmes Marjolaine (French prize Marjolaine). This award targets the Mediterranean region and it awards women conducting exemplary actions in food and agriculture development

Cooperative Tighanimine, which brings together women producing argan oil, scooped the award of 4000euros having fully demonstrated the impact of Fairtrade in strengthening the economic independence and autonomy of women.

The 68 women members of the cooperative have made a distinction among the Berber community making the cooperative to be known as Tounaroz, which means ”jewel” in Berber. This is because of their viable social- economic projects including allowing their women to benefit from literacy programs.

Other Fairtrade certified SPOs that were shortlisted included Cooperative Ajdgigue for marketing and communication to promote the cooperative products and Cooperative Femmes de Dadess for purchasing new equipment.