Study of European market for SPP products

The SPP label – Simbolo de Pequenos Productores – was launched in 2011. This label knows a steady growth in Europe, up to €6 million worth of transactions in 2016 and 25% year on year growth but many players want this trend to accelerate. Within SPP there is also a discussion as to how far SPP should position itself as a label for small producers or a fair trade label.

In order to find answers to this questions, the TDC commanded a study that wanted to identify the profile and obtain information of potential buyers, distributors and consumers on the West European market for SPP certified products (coffee, cocoa, sugar, bananas). Based on this information the study also aims to formulate a marketing plan.

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    > It contains the desk research and the way SPP is currently perceived. Both the content of the exchanges with SPP and the marketing plan are not mentionned within the summary.