Siyavuna wins Drivers of Change awards

The Drivers of Change award recognizes individuals or organizations from across the southern Africa Region that are making a real impact, especially in developing effective public policies and strategies, to overcome poverty. It is awarded in four categories: civil society, government, individual and business. The award has been established to hold up living examples of innovative practices, inclusive attitudes and effective processes that build social trust and create the best conditions to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of people living in poverty.

Category: civil society

The Siyavuna Development Centre is an innovative agricultural programme developed to alleviate poverty by stimulating local agriculture in Kwazulu Natal. Its mission is to train and mentor organic farmers to develop successful agri-businesses, linking them to markets through the Kumnandi brand. Through this model, rural farmers grow organic produce - a valuable commodity in today's market. The farmers then form part of a network where cash is circulated within their community 13 produce is collected and paid for at collection points. The co-operative then sells the produce to established markets in the first economy. The greatest benefit of this programme is that this is a highly effective model, which is easy to learn, replicate and implement, encouraging similar systems in similar areas.

Siyavuna has been supported by the Trade for Development Centre.