New partnership between Nespresso, Fairtrade International and Rainforest Alliance

Global leaders in sustainability and long-time brand ambassador George Clooney joined Nespresso, as part of the company’s first Sustainability Advisory Board, to announce new initiatives in the areas of farmer welfare and environmental stewardship.

The Nespresso Sustainability Advisory Board (NSAB) is comprised of experts and leaders in the area of sustainability. It has been established to solicit views and provide insight and recommendations to enhance Nespresso’s long term sustainability strategy and to serve as a base for additional partnerships on new initiatives. The official formation of the board coincides with the 10th anniversary of the company’s AAA Sustainable Quality.

In Ethiopia and Kenya, Nespresso will expand the AAA Program to include more smallholder coffee farmers and will partner with local governments and TechnoServe to improve coffee sustainability at farm level. The company will also launch community development programs that address key socio-economic challenges in the coffee growing communities and support farmer welfare. The partners expect to double the amount of coffee sourced from the region to 10,000 tons by 2020 through the extension of the program to smallholder farmers.

AAA Farmer Future Program with Fairtrade International and Colombian farmer cooperatives

Nespresso’s CEO, Jean-Marc Duvoisin, also joined with Harriet Lamb and representatives of five Fairtrade certified cooperatives in Caldas, Colombia to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to pilot the AAA Farmer Future Program. The program responds to the need of farmers to guard against the risks of price volatility and other factors contributing to instability in the sector. Specifically, the program aims to introduce social welfare provisions to benefit farmers and their families, including health and accident coverage and retirement planning. As part of the initiative, Nespresso will market coffee sourced from the AAA farmer cooperatives in the region and certified by Fairtrade.

Expansion of AAA Program and agro-forestry initiatives with the Rainforest Alliance

Nespresso also announced continued investment in bringing all its farmers into the AAA Program and increasing the number of farmers who obtain Rainforest Alliance certification, building on the strong results of the Program over the past 10 years. In addition, it announced an expansion of its agro-forestry program, in partnership with the Rainforest Alliance and Pur Projet, to optimise the carbon footprint of coffee farming.Nespresso has reduced its carbon footprint per cup by 20% since 2009. Coffee agriculture remains an area of opportunity to further optimise carbon impacts. The program will help farmers step up their investment in agro-forestry and will seek to create carbon credits and drive new revenue streams.

Nespresso Sustainability Advisory Board Members

Joining Nespresso and Nestlé representatives for the inaugural NSAB meeting were Peter Bakker, President World Business Council for Sustainable Development; George Clooney; Polly Courtice, Director of the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership (CPSL); Luis Genaro Muñoz, President Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC); Daniel Katz, Chairman and Founder of the Rainforest Alliance; Harriet Lamb, CEO Fairtrade International; Tristan Lecomte, Co-founder, Pur Projet; Julia Marton-Lefevre, CEO International Union for the Conservation of Nature; Bruce McNamer, President & CEO, TechnoServe; Lawrence Pratt, Director of the Latin American Center for Competitiveness and Sustainable Development (CLACDS) at INCAE Business School; Reza, National Geographic photographer, eyewitness, creator of the Soul of Coffee photo exhibition; Paul Rice, President & CEO, Fair Trade USA; Auret Van Heerden, President & CEO, Fair Labor Association; and Tensie Whelan, President of long-time Nespresso sustainability partner the Rainforest Alliance.