The ‘Fair Producer Price’ (“prix juste producteur”) label: a local fair trade initiative in Belgium

The ‘Fair Producer Price’ label is a fair trade initiative for agricultural producers in Belgium. It aims at allowing producers to take into account their production costs (including their working hours).
This label was created by the “Collège des Producteurs” (Board of Producers). It labels the quality of business relations between producers and their first clients (in direct sales, this would be the end consumer; otherwise, first clients are dairy plants, slaughterhouses, etc.).

The label uses 15 criteria that monitor 4 areas:

  • Respect of production costs
  • The independence of the producers
  • The producer groups
  • Transparency and lasting engagements

For Emmanuel Grosjean, Coordinator of the Board of Producers, “The purchase of labelled products is becoming an economic act vis-à-vis producers as well as a social act vis-à-vis sustainable local food. “
The ‘Fair Producer Price’ label is backed by the Belgian Fair Trade Federation, which brings together fair trade organisations from Wallonia and Brussels, and by Ethiquable.

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