Fair for Life Social & FairTrade Certification – Revised Programme and New Logo
The standards of Fair for Life certification have been strengthened in particular with regard to freedom of association, health and safety, social responsibility and responsible community relations, environmental criteria and fair trade pricing requirements.
In addition to the general criteria new adapted modules for specific production situations: wild collection, processing and artisan groups, mining, and touristic services have been developed. New composition rules for food, cosmetics, health care and beauty products and other products made from agricultural raw materials, e.g. textiles, have strengthened the labelling and control requirements.
The Fair for Life Programme can be applied worldwide, but all hired labour and producer groups in higher income countries must prove their fair trade focus and benefits on marginalised groups during the application process” states Florentine Meinshausen, the main author of the programme.
Fair for Life Social & FairTrade certification and labelling has gained quick acceptance in high quality markets worldwide, as it offers many complimentary benefits to existing fair trade systems, such as a comprehensive range of products and a wide scope of eligibility. Fair for Life currently accounts for around 5% of N. American retail sales of Fair Trade goods.
Contact: Wolfgang Kathe, Head of Social & FairTrade Department, IMO tel. +41 71 626 0 689, e-mail wokatimo.ch or visit www.fairforlife.net