EU Cities for Fair and Ethical Trade Award launched
Last week, the European Commission launched the EU Cities for Fair and Ethical Trade Award. The new award aims to recognise and celebrate cities’ achievements and positive impact in the areas of social, economic and environmental sustainability in international trade. The Award is a new opportunity for cities to raise their international profile and to gain inspiration from other EU cities. Applications are open now!

TDC is member of the Multidisciplinary Technical Committee

This Award is part of the European Commission's Trade for All policyThe International Trade Center was asked to develop the concept and implement the Award. ITC organized a Technical Committee of members coming from a variety of backgrounds in the areas of sustainability and/or city networks and platforms: the Trade for Development Centre was also member.

This multidisciplinary group collaborated on producing specific considerations for the first Award, with an emphasis on developing the criteria/indicators by which to assess the applications for the Award, as well as guidelines that will support applicant cities in identifying the relevant considerations. The committee is also consulted on the proposed process, including eligibility and rules of procedure. Overall, the Technical Committee contributes to the creation of solid basis for the Award.