Documentary fair trade gold from Peru
Are you looking for the perfect Valentine Day gift? What about a fair trade gold jewel?
A nice gift. A beautiful gesture. A great story!

Did you know that 1 golden ring produces 20 tons of toxic waste? The Trade for Development Centre visited Aurelsa, a Peruvian gold mine. The founders of this mine tell us that they started mining in the 1980s

without any protection, which was dangerous and very unhealthy. Now, they are mining fair trade gold which makes a huge difference for their entire community.

We follow the fair trade gold coming into Europe. The first Belgian jeweller ever to work with fair trade gold talks about the difficulties she faces and points out the steps we need to take to turn the fair trade gold story into a success.

Seventeen Belgian jewellers so far work with fair trade gold. Find out where you can order your fair trade golden ring.