Turn Belgium into a Fair Trade Country: the criteria

Belgium, the country of fair trade... realistic or utopian? Nevertheless, a goal for 2020!
Imagine that by 2020… All Belgians choose fair trade. Belgians find this choice logical and evident. Because we buy fair trade and eat, taste, breathe, smell, dream fair trade. In other words, fair trade is part of our DNA in 2020.

It is a great prospect. Consuming fair, tasty and high-quality products and actually improving the living conditions of producers in the South at the same time: a win-win approach! That is why we call all Belgians to action, as individuals but also as members of organisations, as policy makers, etc. It is the only way to really put fair trade on the map!

On the way to distinction

You have to deserve the label of fair trade country! That is why we have imposed a few goals of our own. By 2020

  • 95% of Belgians have heard about fair trade.
  • every Belgian spends an average of 15 euros on fair trade products every year
  • all major Belgian supermarket chains offer fair trade
  • 51% of Belgium's municipalities are Fair trade municipalities
  • more than half of Belgian provinces are fair trade provinces
  • 80% of federal, regional and community parliaments/ministries consume at least 2 fair trade products
  • every year fair trade is mentioned 600 times in the media


Find out where we are today (Fr/Du)!