Marketing support

Part of TDC’s mission is to provide marketing support to producers. TDC coaches producers to obtain sustainable revenues from their production and improve their market access (be it locally, regionally or internationally). This is done through strengthening the organisational capacities in marketing, communication & sales. 

What type of support? 
The marketing support is fully customised and tailored to the level and the needs of the benefiting organisation. It consists of 2 phases:

  • A first training session - facilitating the submission of the application for the main marketing coaching - supports producer organisations to capture and analyse marketing data & figures of their organisation and compare those to the competitors’. This will lead producers towards new insights on how to position themselves and their product on the market.
  • The main marketing coaching programme consists in understanding strategic marketing, promotion and sales management. It will train the producer organisation to formulate a strategy, a marketing plan and a budget. This will enable it to improve its product; set the right price for it; find potential customers and learn to communicate to them about his product. After completing the coaching, the producer organisation should be armed better to face the market and to sell more product for a better price. The coaching is participatory, meaning the benefiting producer organisation is the driver behind the programme and the owner of its content and strategic choices. It is given by a consultant specialised in strategic marketing who is sent to the organisation’s premises.

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