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Study: potential of vietnamese Fairtrade cashews nuts

19 September, 2018 - 13:37
This study investigates whether and how Vietnamese Fairtrade cashew nuts can conquer a solid position in the world market. The study was carried out by Globally Cool on behalf of the Trade for Development Centre.
In 2016, globally, 439,000 tons of cashew nuts were exported. 14,000 tons, or 3% of the total, was Fairtrade certified. The US imported 55% of Fairtrade cashew nuts, outdoing the Netherlands (23%) and Germany (7%).
Vietnam is the third biggest producer of cashew nuts and the number 1 exporter. The potential for developing the country’s Fairtrade cashew supply chain is huge, but there are many challenges too. The study has eight specific recommendations in order to help them reaching their full potential.
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What Are We Getting from Voluntary Sustainability Standards for Coffee?

5 September, 2018 - 08:52
From: Centre for Global Development


"Demand for and supply of “sustainable” coffee (and other commodities) have grown markedly for two decades, as has the literature analyzing the effects of voluntary sustainability standards for coffee. The evidence for assessing the impacts for smallholder producers and the environment remains relatively weak, however. A relatively small number of studies use methods that allow researchers to attribute observed outcomes to sustainability certifications. 
This paper reviews research from the past decade on the effects of coffee sustainability schemes to see what we have learned about the impact of such schemes, and whether positive livelihood effects are mainly the result of relatively better off households choosing to participate. Overall, the available research suggests that certification schemes can be beneficial, but context matters, and the poorest, most vulnerable smallholder producers are able to comply with sustainability standards only with substantial external help."
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7 Female Entrepreneurs Promoting Bean to Bar Chocolate Production in Africa

24 August, 2018 - 09:55
In Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire, Nigeria, Zambie and Togo, female entrepreneurs are changing the narrative that that premium chocolates are only made in western countries.

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Peru expects record organic banana exports in 2018

23 August, 2018 - 09:43
From FreshFruitPortal

"Peru is expecting 30% growth in its organic bananas exports this year, according to william Daga of state entity Sierra and Selva Exportadora. The country exported 203.000 metric tons (MT) last year".

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Not enough done at EU level against imported deforestation

22 August, 2018 - 13:51
From Euractiv

"European imports of soy, cocoa and palm oil fuel deforestation in developing countries. The fight against the resulting collateral damage in Europe is complicated by agricultural interests. reports."

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From bean to bar in Ghana

20 August, 2018 - 10:28
From Foodtank

"While imported chocolate and sweets lined supermarket aisles in Ghana this past holiday season, there is a quiet, sweet revolution bubbling away in this country known for its cocoa."

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TDC is looking for trainers in data capturing and for coaches in marketing

17 August, 2018 - 17:00

The Trade for Development Centre aims at better market access of micro, small, and medium enterprises (including producers’ organisations), active in fair or sustainable trade in Africa. TDC provides them, in the field, a training in data capturing and a coaching in marketing, and calls therefore on external consultants.To contribute to this goal in the 4 coming years, TDC want to create a pool of trainers and coaches. That is why a new Tender for a Framework agreement has been published.
Are you interested?Follow the tender procedure detailed in the documents (available in French, Dutch or English) HERE (select ‘Belgium’ as country)
Deadline: 18th September 2018 at 14h01.