Documentary fair trade gold

TDC visited Aurelsa, a Peruvian gold mine. The founders tell us that they started mining in the 1980s without any protection, which was dangerous and very unhealthy. Now, they are mining fair trade gold which makes a huge difference for their entire community. We follow the fair trade gold coming into Europe. Which steps do we need to take to turn the fair trade gold story into a success ?

Collecting data to better understand the market

The main concern that arose from the evaluation of the first TDC marketing coaching series in 2014, was the high number of inadequate or incomplete application forms. These weakest organisations were not selected although they were most in need. TDC therefore decided to add a preliminary step to its marketing support: a 'data capturing' training.

These companies chose fair trade!

TDC published a new series of 10 interviews with Belgian companies that offer fair trade products. Discover how several supermarket chains associate – for certain products – profit and fair trade.