Gender in Trade for Development Centre projects

Projects in Peru, Congo and Morocco highlight the fact that to turn fair and sustainable trade into a means of leverage in the fight against poverty and inequality reduction – which is the Trade for Development Centre's view – two questions must be kept in mind when approving projects: who does the work and who manages the profits?

Made in Misery: Ethics in the garment industry

In 2013 1138 Bangladeshi workers were found dead between loads of garments destined for the European and American markets after the Rana Plaza complex in the industrial outskirts of Dhaka collapsed . How have authorities, businesses, trade unions and NGOs responded? Does the consumer have any sustainable alternatives?

Documentary fair trade coffee from Kivu

The Trade for Development Centre commissioned a documentary about fair trade coffee from Kivu for TV5Monde. The documentary is now available, with English subtitles. A camera crew visited three coffee organisations in Kivu: RAEK, Sopacdi and COOPAC. It shows how fair trade coffee can positively impact the living conditions of the local population, even when the circumstances are tough.

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